Saturday, December 5, 2015

Feasts at home

My daughter and daugther's-in-laws have been busy with their work and with their kids, some who are infants and some ready for high-school. Along with that, they have been preparing feasts for the whole family and guests at different occasions. We may not find enough time to blog them all. But we will made do with the pictures.

Here is the birthday feast for my Son-in-law, made by my daugther Preeti. She invited his office team and they continued to work during the party even though it was a weekend and Birthday. My daugther also multi-tasked because she had 2 young kids to distract her all the time.

And here is what my Daughter-in-law made for my grandsons birthday - Dahi-vada, Rasgulla and Aloo Boonda (her favourite),along with Chole.

This years Hartalika Teej, we had a peaceful puja.

And it was followed by a delicious spread of endless soft Pooris with comforting Channa chole.

And here are the unbelievably perfectly shaped Jelabis made at home by my daugther Preeti.

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