Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meva ka Laddoo

Another healthy supplement for new mother.
Works best with acup of milk, as early morning snack, when breakfast is still 2-3 hours away. But dont overeat it, as its very rich and can overload the digestive system.

100 gm Kaju
100 gm Kismis
200 gm Makhana
100 gm Gondh
200 gm Chuhara (Dry Dates)
200 gm Kajur (Soft/wet Dates)
100 gm Chirongi
100 gm Dry coconut, grated
10 gm Ajwain
10 gm Saunf
10 gm Saunt
10 gm Haldi powder
10 gm Khuskhus
250 gm Atta / Wheat flour

Deep fry Gond, as it needs more ghee. It will pop like popcorn.
Next Makana, lightly roasted in ghee.
Roast these in ghee - Kaju, Kismis, Khuskhus, Chirongi.
Blend the above in mixer along with Coconut, Chuhara and Kajur, to a coarse consistency.
Roast the flour with a little ghee and then mix them all.
Now to the most skillful part of it all - make laddoos of this mix.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sarson Ka Saag

An excellent tangy side-dish for lunch.

1/2 kg Mustard leaves (sarson ka saag)
4 med-sized Tomatoes

Boil them together, just till they are soft and not overcooked.

5 Green chillies
4-5 Garlic cloves

Blend all of the above in blender/mixer.

100 gm Fresh Green Peas

Heat Ghee in pan.
Season with Jeera.
Saute the peas.
Add the blended mix.
Boil for 20 min.
Don't let the color darken.
Add salt as per taste.

Serve steaming hot with parantha. This combination tastes the best.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Made from broken wheat or Daliya, its a nutritious, fibre-rich, filling meal. good thing to start your day with as breakfast with hot piping tea.
Recipe is similar to any Upma recipe. Added veggies like peas, carrot or potato make it refreshing.