Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jirvani - Nutrition for New Mother

Jirvani - an ideal homemade nutition supplement for new mother, after delivery, for quick and sound health. Enriched with all kinds of vitamin. As per our ancient culture of preparation. To be used after delivery. When the modern medicines were not developed. Prepared with complete spices and dry fruits.

100 gm Cummin (Jeera)
50 gm Ajwain
100 gm Ginger
5 Cloves (Lawang)
5 Cardamom (Elaici)
1 inch Dalchini
50 gm Sauf
100 gm Dates
200 gm Dry Dates (Chuhara)
100 gm Coconut
100 gm Cashew (Kaju)
100 gm Rasin (Kismis)

Soak the above overnight.Next morning, blend them all in mixer.

200 gm Jaggery (Gud)
200 gm Sugar
200 gm Ghee
1 tsp Cummin (Jeera)

Add ghee in a pan. When it heats up, season with Jeera.
Saute the blended paste on slow flame with continous stirring, till it starts leaving the sides of the pan.
After that, add sugar and jaggery. Do not add these before this point.
Stir again for sometime, till they dissolve.
Stop at that point and remove from heat, else all of it will toughen like stone.

Store carefully in clean place. Can be used for a week or 10 days.


Priya said...

I never heard about this nutrition dish..looks very great..

Shail Singh said...

Thanks Priya. Its is very nutritious snack.