Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was remembering Pintu, who likes these chatpat cutlet. But no problem, my Grand-daughter liked them very much :)

  • Boil aloo & beetroot.
  • Mash potatoes and grate beetroot.
  • Fry potatoes with some seasoning, grounded ginger, green chillies & salt.
  • Take a lump of potatoes in palm, flatten it & fill in grated beetroot. Close it.
  • Shape it into heart, round or oval shape.
  • Loll it in cornflour batter and roll over bread crumbs.
  • Shallow fry on both sides in a flat pan.
  • Serve hot with green, tomato and/or Imli chutney.


    Rajeev said...

    Ya mom, I miss that too. Good to know that Ash enjoyed it. I'll ask Prithi to prepare when she arrives at Minneapolis :).

    Preeti Singh said...

    Looks delicious and sounds easy too.I am also going to try it this weekend.

    Seema said...

    The cutlets look delicious!

    Seema said...

    By the way...what do you put in cornflour batter? Is it just cornflour and water?

    Shail Singh said...

    Hi Seema, Yes only cornflour in water. But it doesnt dissolve completely, so you can add a pinch/tsp of maida.

    Seema said...

    Thanks a lot :) I wish you would update your diwali sweets section. Everything there looks delicious.