Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dal puri, Aloo Bhaigan sabji & Kheer

Today my husband & daughter came home from a long journey. I prepared Dal-puri, Aloo Bhaigan ki sabji & Kheer. This combination is usually prepared on special occasion like festivals, family members visiting home. Makes a filling meal, whether as a breakfast or lunch or dinner.

Dal Puri & Sabji

Dal puriDal puri

400 gm Wheat flour.
200 gm Chana daal
1 tsp Jeera
Gren chillies
Salt to taste
Serves 4.

Soak Chana dal overnight or 6-8 hours.
Make soft consistency dough with wheat flour.
Boil chana-daal in cooker with salt & turmeric till soft. Mash it.
Heat oil in kadai and fry jeera, green chilli, cut onion, daniya powder.
Once brown, add mashed dal & mix together.
Simpler version can be made with mixing daal with powdered roasted jeera.
This filling is used to make parathas with the atta dough.

This is a simpler version. More grander is the deep fried Dal puri.
Heat the paratha on tava. Then deep fry in oil as it will fluff up like puri. This is Dal puri.

Aloo-Bhaigan ki SabjiAlo Bhaigan sabji with Dal-puri

200gm Potato
200gm Brinjal/Aubergine/Eggplant
Carrots (optional)
Panch phoran (Sarsoon, Jeera, Methi, Saunf, Aijwain, Mangrel)
1 tsp Tumeric
Salt to taste

For gravy:
Few cloves of garlic
2 green chilly
Piece of Ginger
2 tsp Dhaniya seeds
2 tsp Sambar powder

Chop vegetables into medium sized.

Heat oil & add Panch phoran. Fry veggie pieces till mildly crisp or browned. Remove from kadai.

Make a paste of gravy ingredients, in mixie.
Heat oil & fry the gravy paste.
Once browned & leaving oil, add veggie pieces.
Let it heat for some time, to absorb gravy flavor.
Then add water & let it cook into thick gravy.

Bhaigan sabji tastes better without using Onion in the curry paste.


1 litre milk
100 gm rice
200 gm Sugar
Dry coconut

Clean & wash rice.
boil rice in double water. All water should get absorbed.
Sametime Boil milk.
Add rice in the boiled milk.
Continue to boil till reduced to half.
Garnish with dry fruits & dry coconut gratings.

Serve hot. Is tasty even when served cold. Each kid has his/her preference.