Wednesday, August 13, 2008

फरा या गोझा

Farrah, also called as Gojhah in Bhojpuri.
Is usually made on Bhaiya Dhooj day.

Fur-rah or Gojah

For the Filling:
500 gm Channa dal
Black Pepper
Green chilly
Coriander seeds
Cummin / Jeera
Amchur powder
Curry leaves

Soak 1/2 kg Channa daal for 6-8 hours.
Mix all & blend in mixer to coarse paste.

For the cover:
Rice flour
Hot water

Make rice flour dough with very hot water.
You can also do this by boiling water & adding rice flour in it. Keep stirring till no lumps. And then make dough with hands.

For Farrah:
Roll tiny rotis of rice dough.
Add a spoonful of daal mixture and fold flat.
Daal mix should not flow out.
You can seal the rice roti with water.
Stem these Farrah's for 15-20 minutes. You can use the Idli steamer.

Onions - chopped
Curry leaves

Heat few spoons of Ghee in kadai.
Add chopped onions & bunch of curry leaves.
Heat till onions turn crisp brown.
Add the steamed Farrah's and mix till all are covered. Be careful so they dont break. Or if the Farrah's are too large, they can be cut into half before tempering.
You can leave it on heat till the Farrah cover gets a crisp brown shade.

Furrah Steps

Fur-rah or Gojah

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