Sunday, August 3, 2008

Besan ke Chilla ki Sabji

Besan ke Chilla ki Sabji. It is also called as Papra ki sabji, in Bhojpuri. Mostly eaten in Savan mahina or Barsaat ke dino mein. There are tens of type of Besan ke sabji that can be made. This is one of them.

Besan Ke Chilla Ki Sabji

For Chilla
100 gm Besan
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Chilly Powder
Salt to taste

For Gravy:
2 medium-sized tomatoes
Green chilly

Serves 2


BesanChillaSabji steps

  1. Mix Besan in batter into a watery batter. Add tumeric, salt & chilly powder. Mix it all in water with your hands, so there are no lumps.
  2. Use this bater to make broad, tick Besan Chilla.
  3. Fold the Chilla from sides, like shown in the image.
  4. Make mroe of these Chilla
  5. Slice pieces of the folded Chilla
  6. Make a paste of all Gravy ingredients
  7. Heat oil & add panch phoran. When heat add chopped onions. When slightly brown add the gravy paste. Continously stir so it does not stick & fry till the masala is cooked in oil. Color will change to a lovely brown.
    Can add pinch of sugar to get caramelarised brown.
  8. Add the Chilla piece and stir gently. Add water to cook into gravy.
    The folded & cut chilla pieces can be dropped in the hot kadai once the gravy is cooked properly. Then let it simmer for few minutes.

Serve with rice.


ritu said...

Hi Shailji,

Thank you! aapki recipe ne mujhe meri mummy ki yaad dila di. I really loved all your recipe.
Thanks a lot!
New york

Shail Singh said...

Hi Ritu,

तुमको धन्यवाद् जो तुम्हे बेसन का खाडेला पसंद आई ! तुमको उप-बिहार की कोई और सब्जी चाहिए तो, में जर्रोर बताऊंगी |

तुम्हारी ,
Aunty Shail

Anonymous said...

hi shail ji ,ur recipe looks soooo simple and yet so delicious. one more thing it was nice to find out that ur frm chttisgardh Bhilai bcoz not many people normaly i find from there.i spent my childhood near to ur place i.e. raipur. take care bye

Deeba said...

hello Aunty,
ur recipe is toooooo simple but seems to me very interesting since i never ever added besan chilla in gravy; but would like to mak this week (hopfully my hubby will like he is tooo much fussy abt food :) neverming). Can u help me in clarifying mmy doubt i.e. Do i need to put besan cheela into gravy befre serving time????? or it doesnt i dont wanna my cheela to absorb all the gravy..thx in advance 4 answering my query. have a good day

Shail Singh said...

Hi Anon, thanks. Glad that you like it. I am also feeling nice that you are from Raipur. It is just neighbouring to Bhilai.

Do leave your name or email if you can.

Shail Singh said...

Hi Deeba, I am glad that you liked this dish. Indeed it is very simple. And the taste & spiciness will come from the curry.

The folded & cut chillas can be dropped in the hot kadai once the gravy is cooked properly. Then let it simmer for few minutes.

Chilla will absorb the flavour but will not become soggy because of the folds.